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Christina Scherr, MEd, ATC

BOC #080202184 
NPI #1003836875

Christina joined the Wolverine Family in the fall of 2016. Her prior athletic training experience includes Assistant Athletic Trainer at WSU, USD, SDSU and 10 years at Torrey Pines HS as Head Athletic Trainer. She earned her Bachelors of Science from Eastern Oregon University, followed by a Masters of Education from Washington State University, and has been a BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) since 2002. Christina is the only Athletic Trainer for all of Westview Athletics sport teams.
Outside of Westview, Christina has served on the Managing Board of the California Athletic Trainers' Association since 2011. She spent six years on the San Diego High School Athletic Trainers' Association Board, and was part of its inception and original board. Additionally, she has various community involvement with the CIF-SDS Health & Safety Committee, CATA Legislative Action Team, Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation, and Advocates for Injured Athletes - Athletes Saving Athletes Program.  
Christina's philosophy is to address the little things, before they become big things, and advocates for "active" rest and rehabilitation when appropriate. 


Caitlin Sanders, MS, ATC

BOC: 2000052767
NPI: 1891443024 
Caitlin just joined the team here at Westview in the summer of 2023. Prior to coming here, she was at El Capitan High School. She has also worked with the San Diego Loyal Soccer Team, San Diego Legion Rugby Team, as well as at Stanford University. Caitlin earned her Master's Degree in Athletic Training from Point Loma Nazarene University and is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC). She has also been a gymnastics coach for the last 10 years at the Dan McKinney Family YMCA and has traveled to Europe three times to represent Team USA at the World Gymneastrada. 

Athletic Training Room (ATR) Hours & Location:

The ATR is located in the ENS (PE) locker room building, between the boys and girls locker rooms, gym side. The Athletic Training Room is open on regular school days, and typically opens by 4th period for "off roll". The Athletic Trainer will be on campus until the last home competition ends. If the ATR is locked during this time, the AT could be covering an event or tending to an injured student-athlete. Signage is typically placed on the door with the AT's approximate location. The Athletic Trainer is not on campus, nor is the ATR accessible on the weekends, holidays, or non-school days.
Athletic Trainer availability for Westview in season athletes is first come, first served. Priority will go to students/teams traveling for away games and then to students/teams with home games. It is strongly encouraged that if a student has 4th period off roll, to see the AT during that time.