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Course Selection

Counselors visit contact classes in February to provide students with information on the course selection process. During the class presentations, each student receives:
  • Instructions on how to access the 4-year worksheet
  • Instructions on how to access course history and credit requirements
  • Instructions on how to access the course offerings, catalog, and profiles, which describes each class in detail
  • Instructions on how to register for their classes online via MyPlan
If questions arise for students during this process, you may email [email protected].

Transfers: If you live outside of Westview/PUSD's boundaries, please click here for more information.

Helpful Documents for Course Registration

Documents Course Requests Videos Course Request Worksheets Guidelines/Flowcharts
4-Year Plan Class of 2024 Class of 2024 English & Foreign Language Guidelines
Course Catalog (being updated) Class of 2025 Class of 2025 Math Flowchart
Course Offerings Class of 2026 Class of 2026 Minimum A-G Requirements
Course Profiles 4-Year Planning Class of 2027 Physics Sequencing
Course Request Instructions     Recommended Electives for Freshman
Homework Time Analysis     Recommended Science Sequence

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Course Registration

You will need to use your Novell username and password.
First of all, ensure that you are trying to register during the period of time when the course registration window is open. If it is anytime outside of the window, you will not be able to register for courses online. Secondly, courses may only be selected in student accounts.
We cannot access passwords. However, you can reset it yourself by going to the MyPlan sign-on page and clicking on the appropriate link to reset your password.
Due to possible changes in class availability or conflicts within the student's schedule, we ask all students to select two alternate classes. We do our best to schedule students into the classes they have requested; however, we sometimes run into a conflict within the student's schedule or we have changes to our master schedule based on class size or availability.
Appointments can be made with your student's counselor by accessing our link on the Course Registration Newsletter ( Students will receive instructions on how to request their courses for next year through classroom presentations. If you have additional questions, students may email their counselor directly or send an email to [email protected]
Please review the Helpful Documents section for more information about course selection. You can read descriptions of each course in our Course Catalog, review more detailed information on the Course Profiles, and ensure you are meeting graduation and college entrance requirements. We also recommend students talk to their teachers if they have questions about the appropriate level of a course they should take next year. Teachers know students the best and will be able to give a good assessment of their skill level.
Request a Chromebook here.