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Course FAQ

How do I access MyPlan to select courses?

Here's the MyPlan web link:

What is my username and password?

You will need to use your Novell username and password.

I am trying to register for my courses and it will not let me do that. Can you tell me what I need to do?

First of all, ensure that you are trying to register during the period of time when the course registration window is open. If it is anytime outside of the window, you will not be able to register for courses online. Secondly, courses may only be selected in student accounts.

I forgot my password. Can you give it to me?

We cannot access passwords. However, you can reset it yourself by going to the MyPlan sign-on page and clicking on the appropriate link to reset your password.

Do I have to sign up for alternate classes?

Yes, you will be required to select alternatives for elective courses. There may be times when we will need to go to your alternate course list because a course may not be available. For example, if we do not receive enough requests for a certain course, then we cannot have the class and will need to look at alternate choices.

Can I schedule an appointment with a counselor?

Appointments can be made with your student's counselor by accessing our link on the Course Registration Newsletter ( Students will receive instructions on how to request their courses for next year through classroom presentations. If you have additional questions, students may email their counselor directly or send an email to [email protected]

I'm not sure which classes I should take. What should I do?

Please visit the Course Information page on our website for more detailed information about the courses offered at Westview. We also recommend students talk to their teachers if they have questions about the appropriate level of a course they should take next year. Teachers know students the best and will be able to give a good assessment of their skill level. For more information about specific courses, please see the Course Profile page.

In middle school, I took Integrated I and Integrated II. Then in high school, I took Integrated III. Do I need to take any more math courses?

While you have met the minimum math courses required for admission to UC/CSU campuses, you are still expected to complete higher levels of math in high school. Colleges recommend that you complete higher levels of math throughout all four years of high school.

Will Marine Science 1-2 count for my physical science requirement?

You may take Marine Science 1-2 to satisfy your physical science requirement for high school graduation through Poway Unified School District. However, not all colleges accept the course for the CSU/UC A-G physical science requirement since it is classified as an interdisciplinary science and may count towards an elective only. Our recommendation is that you take a biological science and then either Physics or Chemistry to satisfy your physical science requirements for college eligibility.

Am I required to take an English class every year, even if I have already earned 40 English credits or plan on taking it another year?

Yes, as per Poway Unified School District board policy, all students in high school are required to take an English class every year, regardless of the credits earned.

Is there a specific order that I should take my science classes?

Please refer to the Recommended Science Sequence flowchart on the Course Selection webpage (/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=3737201&type=d&pREC_ID=2434272)

I plan on taking an OCIS P.E. course. Can I sign up for less classes?

You will need prior approval from the athletic director to participate. Click here for OCIS applications. All students, regardless of OCIS status, must be enrolled in the minimum number of classes required by board policy (3 per term for 9th-11th graders, and 2 per term for 12th graders).

Questions, not addressed above? 
Email: [email protected]
You should receive a response within two school days, please do not leave multiple messages.