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Work Permits


Work Permit Information

All students under the age of 18 who have not received their diplomas must obtain a work permit prior to starting employment.

Approving Work/Entertainment Work Permits

Student attendance, discipline and course history records will be reviewed.
The minimum requirements are (all within the current school year):
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA, both cumulative and current quarter
  • Minimum current grade of "C" in any class
  • Less than five (5) unexcused absences total in all classes
  • Less than five (5) unexcused tardies total in all classes
  • No excessive excused absences in all classes
  • No excessive disciplinary action taken

Steps To Obtaining A Work Permit

Work permits takes 3 to 5 school days to process so plan accordingly.
  1. Complete BOTH the Work Permit Request Instructions and the (B1-1) Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor form. All signatures are required on both forms. These forms are also available at the Wolverine Center.
  2. Once completed, bring documents to Ms. Annie at the Wolverine Center.
  3. The work permit request will be reviewed and processed accordingly. Ms. Annie will contact you once the work permit is ready for pick up.
If everything is satisfactory, the work permit will be issued. If you are planning to work more than 36 hours per week (must be at least 16 years old), email Ms. Annie for additional requirements. If you do not meet these minimum requirements, you will need to sign a behavior contract prior to the issuance of a work permit if one is authorized (administrator will determine suitability). In some cases, students will need to show improvement before a work permit will be approved or will have work limitations.

For more information on work permits, please click here.

Work Permit Revocation

If, at any point during the school year, you no longer meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the "Approving Work Permits" section above, your work permit may be revoked.

Entertainment Work Permits

Entertainment work permits takes 3-5 school days to process so plan accordingly.

If you need to obtain an entertainment work permit, download this form and follow the procedures listed on the document. Westview will review the criteria in the Approving Work/Entertainment Work Permits section before providing signatures on the form. When obtaining school authorities signatures, please return the form to Ms. Annie for processing.

The local Division of Labor Standards Enforcement office is located at:
7575 Metropolitan Drive, Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92108

For more information on Entertainment Work Permits, click here.


Summer Work Permits

Poway Unified - PUSD Summer Work Permits (