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School Code: 052986

Both the official and the unofficial transcript contain the same information about a student's academic record: chronological list of classes, grades, and credits. Official Transcript include the Registrar's signature, the school seal, and the date it was issued. An official transcript is placed in a sealed envelope which should not be opened by anyone except the intended recipient. It is a legal document. An unofficial transcript is the student's academic record without signature, seal, date, or sealed envelope.

How to Order Transcripts

Official Transcripts

Classes of 2024-28 

Transcripts for college applications must be requested through SCOIR, see your counselor for more information.

All other requests follow instructions below.

Current students needing an official transcript for uses other than college/universities:
  1. Complete the Transcript Request Form. The form must be completed legibly and signed by a parent.
  2. Email or bring the form to the Registrar's Office, [email protected]. Transcript request will not be processed immediately, so please plan accordingly and allow a minimum of four school days for processing. If a transcript is required over a holiday period, the request must be made a minimum of four days prior to the last school day preceding the holiday. Transcripts will not be released to anyone but the student or parent who requested it or to the institution requested on the official form.

Unofficial Transcripts

If you are a current student and have a need for an unofficial transcript, please email [email protected] and one can be uploaded to the student MyPlan account.  

Former Student or Graduate

If you are a Westview graduate or former student, you must order both official and unofficial transcripts through Parchment. For more information and to order transcripts, click below:
School Code: 052986

If you are a Westview graduate or former student, you must order both official and unofficial transcripts electronically through Parchment. Follow the instructions below:
  1. Click here to create your Parchment account.
  2. Sign up to create your account with Parchment. Very important: all information, including date of birth and year of graduation must be correct or transcripts will not link.
  3. Add your school to your Parchment account.
    • Click the "Get Started" button.
    • Add your high school.
    • Complete waiver information.
    • Complete the Transcript Authorization Form by entering the Parchment Registration Code or electronically signing the form.
    • Receive confirmation that your school has been added and begin placing transcript request(s) by selecting the "Deliver" tab.
  4. Request delivery of your transcript to any destination worldwide.
    • Select the destination, such as Academic Destinations, the NCAA, the Common Application, yourself, or any other destination.
    • Review destinations.
    • Provide debit/credit card payment if there are fees associated with the request.
    • Receive a confirmation with the Tracking ID and next steps for your transcript request.
Special note: When school is not in session during breaks, Parchment will not be available to process requests.