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Student Parking

The 2022-2023 school year will have student parking permits issued. Students are required to complete the Online Parking Permit Application Form, prior to receiving a parking permit. Parking regulations are strictly enforced and students must abide by San Diego Police Department parking laws and regulations.

*Parking Permits will be issued before school and during Wolverine Time at the front office with Ms. Hartman.  Be sure to fill out the application online.  Click HERE to contact Ms. Hartman.

Parking Permit Application

As stated, 2022-2023 school year will have student parking permits issued. All students must complete the Online Parking Permit Application Form, prior to receiving their parking permit and parking on campus. Students may not park on campus if the student has any outstanding fines or athletic equipment. 

All Westview students must have a valid driver's license, current vehicle registration and insurance, complete the online Parking Permit Application form, and be in good financial standing, prior to parking on campus.

You will need the following when applying to park on campus:

Parking Privilege

At Westview, it is considered a privilege to drive and park on school grounds. Suspension of driving privileges, towing of vehicles and/or disciplinary action may result if a violation occurs. Parking is available on a first come, first served basis.

All California Vehicle Code Laws are in effect, and enforced on campus at all times. The maximum speed limit on campus is 5 miles per hour. If a student has been reported for careless driving on school grounds, it will result in loss of parking privileges. Truancies, behavioral referrals (two per year) will also result in the loss of parking privileges. 

Should you need to drive a different vehicle, you can receive a Temporary Parking Permit at the Front Desk with Ms. Hartman; before school only. You will need to provide car information with vehicle model/make, year and color.

Fines and Tickets

The San Diego Police Department issues parking tickets on the Westview campus. Fines may vary from year to year from the San Diego Police Department.

Tickets will be given for the following violations:
  • Parking without current vehicle registration tags
  • Parking in fire lane/red zone
  • Parking in handicap spot
  • Parking in any non-student parking area
Got a ticket? Feel it was in error? Once written a ticket cannot be voided, it must be appealed. You have 30 calendar days from the date of the ticket to appeal the ticket in writing with the San Diego Police Department. The instructions for appealing a ticket are on the back-side of the ticket.