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Phone: (858) 780-2000 | Fax: (858) 780-2054 | Attendance Hotline: (858) 780-2020

Shaan Aabaan Math Teacher [email protected] 
Selene Aban Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Thomas Adams NJROTC Teacher [email protected]
Carlos Aldrete Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Valerie Andreassi Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Tara Appling School Administrative Specialist II [email protected]
Eve Arp Counselor Pau - Sta [email protected]
Kevin Ashwell Campus Security [email protected]
David Barboza Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Danielle Beccarelli College & Career Guidance Technician [email protected]
Katherine Bell Math Teacher [email protected]
Kim Bennett English Teacher [email protected]
Luke Bernardy Science Teacher [email protected]
Alisa Berner Counselor A-Das [email protected]
Ester Berry School Administrative Specialist [email protected] 
Flora Biglaryan Food & Nutrition Area Supervisor [email protected]
Jyothi Biligiri Teacher - Preschool [email protected]
Sheila Bogstad Behavioral Intervention Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Craig Bowden Area Administrator - Hub 2 [email protected]
Rachel Bowman SPED-RSP Teacher [email protected]
Meggan Brady Teacher- Inclusion Specialist [email protected] 
Mercedes Briggs Food and Nutrition Assistant III [email protected]
Mike Briney Counselor Ste-Z [email protected]
Jaclyn Brom Filipino Teacher [email protected]
Keiko Brown Food and Nutrition Assistant I [email protected]
Kimberly Carroll Registrar [email protected]
Rob Casas Social Science/Newscast Teacher [email protected]
Marquessa Castorena Mending Matters Mental Health Therapist [email protected]
Jeanne Cavanagh ELL/English Teacher [email protected]
Andrea Champoux Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Beau Champoux ENS Teacher [email protected]
Adriana Chittuluru Counselor - Lof - Pat [email protected]
Matt Christopher Science Teacher [email protected]
Ann Clevenger French Teacher [email protected]
Laura Cox Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Christine Cudmore Counselor Hoh - Loe [email protected]
Debbie David Food and Nutrition Supervisor II [email protected]
Dom David Computer Science Teacher [email protected]
Karen Day Math Teacher [email protected]
Nicholle DeCarvalho Teacher SPED [email protected] 
Karina Delacruz Food and Nutrition Assistant I [email protected]
Melanie DelaCruz Teacher [email protected]
Baljinder Dhaliwal Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Malinda Dixon Science Teacher [email protected]
Mitchell Donnelly Science Teacher [email protected]
Elizabeth Drummond Instructional Assistant I SPED [email protected] 
Duardo, Serena Attendance Accounting Assistant I [email protected] 
Shelby Dumars Senior Lifeguard  
Brooke Dumitru (Howay) Psychologist [email protected]
Alysa Elkins SPED-ASD Teacher [email protected]
Dusty Engel Math Teacher [email protected]
Sandra Failla Instructional Assistant - SPED [email protected]
Hayley Filasky Ceramics Teacher [email protected]
Andrea Ford Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Chris Fousek Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Robin Fujita-Melchior Health Technician [email protected]
Melissa Fukushima (McIntire) Psychologist [email protected]
Scott Halander Science Teacher [email protected]
Susan Hartman Office Assistant - Reception [email protected]
Andres Fresquez Concert Band Teacher [email protected] 
Tony Hazzard Campus Security [email protected]
Teri Heard Area Administrator - Hub 3 [email protected]
Meg Heidrick-Barnes SPED-Critical Skills Teacher [email protected]
Elizabeth Hennesey Teacher - SPED [email protected]
Marina Henry ENS Teacher [email protected]
Sara Heravi Food and Nutrition Assistant I [email protected]
Dawn Hester Science/Robotics Teacher [email protected]
Vanessa Ho Counselor Dat - Hog [email protected]
Pamela Hodge Campus Security [email protected]
Sheryll Zapata SPED Office Assistant II [email protected]
Ronald Hoffman Teacher - ROTC [email protected]
Vivienne Hooper Food and Nutrition Assistant I  
Bruce Hubschmitt Math Teacher [email protected]
Ritsuko Huth School Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Rolando Ibanez-Cruz Food and Nutrition Delivery Driver [email protected]
My-Nga Ingram Science Teacher [email protected]
Charlotte Isbister Office Specialist - Athletics [email protected]
Keith Jain Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Jim Jennings English Teacher [email protected]
Sunny Jerome SPED-RSP Teacher [email protected]
Michele Jilly Teacher/Program Specialist [email protected]
Angela Johansen  Math Teacher [email protected]
Amy Jones Instructional Assistant - Preschool [email protected]
Kathryne Kase Instructional Assistant - Preschool [email protected]
Sheikh Khadijah Teacher [email protected]
Steven Kraemer Custodial Supervisor [email protected]
Shannon Kreamer Teacher [email protected]
Mike Kurth Science Teacher [email protected]
Fe Lapitan Custodial Staff [email protected]
Abe Lauricio Custodial Staff [email protected]
Sarah Layne Photo Teacher [email protected]
Diosdado Layugan Custodial Staff [email protected]
Lisa Leavitt Instructional Assistant SPED  [email protected]
Ann Lemersal English Teacher [email protected]
Tina Lim Speech Pathologist [email protected]
Jake Linnell ERMHS [email protected] 
Diana Loo Math Teacher [email protected]
Xochitl Lopez Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Jose Lucero English Teacher [email protected]
Dave MacMartin Science Teacher [email protected]
Elizabeth Main (Campos) Teacher [email protected]
Renee Malcuit Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Lita Manley Math Teacher [email protected]
Calin Marian Campus Security Specialist [email protected]
Megan Martinez High School Accounting Technician [email protected]
Rudi Massman Music Assistant [email protected]
Alicia May Instructional Assistant - Preschool [email protected]
Bob McHeffey English Teacher [email protected]
Steve McLaughlin Athletic Director [email protected]
Tim Medlock ENS Teacher [email protected]
Iman Mohamed Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Kelly Muench Science Teacher [email protected]
John Joseph Nacu Graphic Design Teacher [email protected]
Sonia Navarro Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Kimberly Negen Senior Lifeguard [email protected]
Rachel Neumann Computer Science [email protected]
Michael Nguyen Math Teacher [email protected]
Phuong Nguyen Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Ocampo, Dennie Custodian- Class Unit II [email protected] 
Keith Opstad Fine Arts Teacher [email protected]
Joann Ordonez Food and Nutrition Assistant II [email protected]
Kellie Oydna Social Science/English Teacher [email protected]
Annie Paranjape School Administrative Specialist [email protected]
Shannon Parker Area Administrator - Hub 1 [email protected]
Elizabeth Pauchnick Teacher [email protected] 
Diane Pidgeon  ENS Teacher [email protected]
Ginger Placek Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Amelia Platt School Administrative Specialist [email protected]
James Procsal Math Teacher [email protected]
Jayashree Pyati Instructional Assistant SPED - Meg HB [email protected]
David Ramos Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Nikolette Reigle English Teacher [email protected]
Ernie Remillard Principal [email protected]
Andrew Reynolds Music Assistant  [email protected]
Grace Roberts SPED RSP Teacher [email protected]
Jennalyn Rose Library Media Technician [email protected]
Cynthia Sanchez Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Amanda Sandstrom Math Teacher [email protected]
Caitlin Sanders Teacher [email protected] 
Jeanna Santos Instructional Assistant SPED - Meg HB [email protected]
Jack Saracino Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Christina Scherr Athletic Trainer [email protected]
Sally Sheldon Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Laura Sienkiewicz Math Teacher [email protected]
Angela Silverman Instructional Assistant - Preschool [email protected]
Kyle Smith ENS Teacher [email protected]
DJ Sosnowski ASB Director [email protected]
Nic Spiess Social Science/English Teacher [email protected]
Bruce Steel Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Brian Stimpson SPED-SDC Teacher [email protected]
Kelly Stimpson Social Science/English Teacher [email protected]
Shannon Stoven SPED-RSP Teacher [email protected]
Wendy Svenson Speech Pathologist [email protected]
Carolyn Swaney Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Stephanie Tanaka English Teacher [email protected]
Cheri Tomboc-Brownlie Librarian Teacher [email protected]
Robert Townsend Drama [email protected]
Stephanie Vanderby Math Teacher [email protected]
Renato Villanueva Custodial Staff [email protected]
Mervat Wahba Food and Nutrition Assistant I [email protected]
Mike Wallace Campus Security [email protected]
Samantha Walsh Educational Specialist SPED [email protected]
Mitchell Way Band Director [email protected]
Susanna Wei ELL Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Jeff Wenger English/Nexus/Yearbook Teacher [email protected]
Harmony Williams-Sawyer Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Ana Williams Teacher - Math [email protected]
Jamie Wood Social Science Teacher [email protected]
Dalia Yacoub Student Services Specialist [email protected]
Leila Yekrangian Instructional Assistant SPED [email protected]
Dawn Yocum Behavioral Intervential Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Lizette Yvellez Instructional Assistant I - Special Education [email protected]