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School Site Council

2023/2024 School Site Council

ADMIN DESIGNEE: Shannon Parker
STAFF: Amelia Platt, Vanessa Ho
TEACHER: Khadijah Sheikh, Jeanne Cavanagh (EL), Rob Casas, Nicholle de Carvalho
PARENTS: Erin Leventhal, George Kamage, Shayne McCool-Peller
STUDENTS: Jack Hubschmitt (12), Woobin Wang, Lana Pham-Nguyen, Franklin Pham
GUESTS: Ernie Remillard, Tara Appling
 2023/2024 Dates Time  Location/ Zoom Link Link to Agenda Meeting Minutes
October 18 4 - 5 pm  Westview Staff Lounge    
November 15      8 - 9 am    Zoom    
January 31 8 - 9 am Zoom    
April 3       8 - 9 am Zoom    
May 1 8 - 9 am Zoom    

School Site Council is a unique school-level group that is charged with improving academic achievement through the compliant and efficient use of selected funds. The functions of the School Site Council are:

Develop and monitor a comprehensive SPSA

  • Including budgets and expenditures for strategies and actions in the SPSA

  • Ensure that SPSA is in compliance with all consolidated application funding requirements, and those of other funds requiring involvement of the School Site Council

Ensure that the school is continually engaged in identifying and implementing evidence-based activities, strategies, and interventions with a focus on improving student achievement

  • Continuous planning, monitoring, revision, and review of effectiveness