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Athletic Clearance

Home Campus is being updated and will open mid-May for the 2024-2025 school year!
If you will be participating or trying out for a fall sport, please schedule your physical exam for the first or second week of June. Do not schedule for the end of May if you might be participating for a spring sport. The forms are below, be sure to complete an updated health history to take to the physical exam appointment.
If you need to carry any medications with sport or school, please be sure to print those forms to take to the appointment. 


Please read the Home Campus Instructions to Register, and use the check list below to be sure to turn in all required forms. Clearance can be delayed if forms are missing or incomplete.
Home Campus registration is required for an athlete to be cleared for a Ticket to Play {TTP - see below} to try out for a Westview sport team. If trying out for multiple sports, be sure to include them on your initial registration.  

Turn in these original forms (scans, uploads, and photocopies will not be accepted):

☐ signed Home Campus confirmation page; and

☐ completed PUSD Health History and Physical Exam forms*. Physicals can only be accepted from a California Licensed Health Care Provider, are valid for 12-months, and cannot expire during the selected sports season.

☐ If applicable, include the MAF or AAEP form and plan to bring medication for verification prior to tryout. Medication expiration dates must be valid through entire selected sports season.

*If you have a current physical exam on file that will be valid for your selected sport season, you will still need to register in Home Campus for the 2023-2024 school year. You only need to print, sign and turn in the confirmation page. Please note at the top that a current physical exam is on file.
If the athlete needs to take, or have medication readily available while at school or during sports, an Authorization to Carry Medication Form H-26B {MAF} or the Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan Form H-58 {AAEP} form is required with signatures of student, parent, and prescribing physician {valid for the school year; shared with Athletics and Health Office}. Required annually per California State EdCode.

Athletic Clearance Forms Drop-Off

Completed forms may be dropped off at the Athletics Office during normal school hours, or with the Athletic Trainer after school when available. Forms submitted late take an extended length of time to review, depending on time allotted outside of responsibilities. There will not be drop-off availability during District breaks, non school days, or holidays.

If you have a question regarding your clearance status, please check the email used for the Home Campus registration. All denial/clearance notifications are sent to the email associated with the registration. Denial emails will have instructions on the corrections that need to be made.

Incomplete or missing forms could delay the clearance further, so please double check before dropping off. Forms submitted late take an extended length of time to review, depending on time allotted outside of responsibilities to the in season sports and school breaks. Clearance itself is required, however the student is under no obligation to try out.

Obtain a Physical

Print the PUSD Health History and Physical Exam forms (3 pages). Complete the health history (two pages), then take to your physician with the Physical Examination form for them to complete. Physicals are good for ONE year from date of examination and cannot expire during the sports season. {Must be valid prior to the season and valid through the conclusion of the season.} Make sure all line items {‘yes’ explanations, dates, signatures, etc.} are completed before you leave the doctor; otherwise omissions may cause delays. Physicals must be original documents! No scanned/emailed copies will be accepted. If you do not have the original Physical Exam form, it may be faxed directly from the physician's office to Westview. 
Need a physical? Please consider the following health care providers who have been generous with their time in supporting Westview Athletics and can provide a sports physical at their clinics.

Athletic Clearance 2024-2025 Due Dates

Coming Soon!!

Ticket to Play

The student athlete will be eligible to obtain a Ticket to Play (TTP) when the above steps are completed prior to the due dates noted each season. A clearance notification will be sent to the email registered with Athletic Clearance. Your PUSD ID card is required to receive your Ticket to Play. Ticket to Play Pick Up Schedule. The TTP must be picked up during the designated times; late pick up times may affect your tryout. Student must give the Ticket to Play to their coach in order to try out.

Check Your Cleared Status

Please monitor the email registered with the Home Campus account, as any cleared and/or denial emails will be/were sent to that email address. You can also check your students’ status by logging in to their Home Campus registration. Log into your Home Campus account. If status reads Cleared, refer to above TTP pick up schedule; Uncleared status indicates your registration is pending review; and if you have a Denied status, please check the email registered with the Home Campus account for action items. 

The Athletic Clearance must be renewed each school year. Only PUSD forms are accepted.