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Advanced Placement (AP)

As outlined by the College Board, Advanced Placement courses offer students the opportunity to take college-level course in a high-school setting. In addition, students who score sufficiently high on the AP Exams can possibly earn college credits for their efforts. All AP courses at Westview has been certified and audited by the College Board, and are current in their requirements and preparation.

AP Testing Information 2023-2024

  • All students will be able to join a FREE online College Board AP® Class on The College Board MyAP Site at once AP courses start (students will need a College Board Account to Join the AP® online class.)
  • Students will receive a 'Join Code' from their AP teacher to join the online group and be able to access instructional materials and resources as well as assignments such as review quizzes and tasks that teachers assign in the MyAP system. 'Join Codes' are specific to the subject, and WVHS teacher. Teachers will be distributing these Join Codes.
  • ALL students are encouraged to complete the 'Join Code' step with the code from their teacher to access the FREE online resources to use throughout the course of the school year as a preparation and review tool.
  • Exams will only be ordered for those who complete the additional steps below.

              AP Exam Registration Instructions


  • Step 1: Activate Exam – Students must JOIN their AP® Class on the MyAP Site at to activate the exam order and complete the process. To access the site, create or use a College Board Profile. Students join the AP Class with a Join Code  (access code). See deadlines below based on course commencement date.
  • Step 2: Submit Exam Fees for courses that commence in Trimester 1– To indicate intention and commitment to take an AP® exam in the May 2024 AP® Exam administration, submit exam fees by November 3, 2023, to avoid late fees via the link below. * (Trimester 2 courses can submit fees between January 17 and March 1, 2024.)
                Westview HS AP Exam Payment
  • BOTH Steps 1 and 2 MUST be completed by the applicable trimester deadline to order an AP® exam.

AP Exam Registration Instructions

Westview 2024 AP Testing Calendar

AP Exam Payment

Step-By-Step Guide - Joining AP Class Section


Fee reduction/assistance:  Fee reductions are possible for qualified students. If you feel you may qualify for a fee reduction, please submit the Fee Reduction Application Form to Mr. Briney at [email protected] or in the counseling office.  Once eligibility has been confirmed, you will be provided with a Fee Reduction Code that will reduce the cost of the exam(s) to the appropriate amount on the online payment form. Application forms for fee reductions must be submitted no later than October 25, 2023 to guarantee processing before the deadline. Penalty fees will apply if registering during the late payment period. Students who were approved for a fee reduction in the Fall do not need to apply again but should see their counselor for a Spring Fee Reduction Code.


To complete an AP® Exam order successfully, students MUST submit an exam fee payment AND complete the activation step on MyAP for EACH exam.

Westview AP Courses


Environmental Science


Calculus AB

European History

Spanish Language

Calculus BC

French Language



Human Geography

Studio Art

Computer Science A

Music Theory

U.S. Government & Politics

Computer Science Principles

Physics 1

U.S. History

English Language

Physics C: Mechanics

World History

English Literature

Physics C: E & M

Chinese Language


Registration Dates and Fee Schedule:

AP Exam Registration Instructions

Westview 2024 AP Testing Calendar

AP Exam Payment